Bugle Tube

This Bugle tube is for use with a mouth reed. It’s a fairly basic project and takes little time to complete. You can make any size and use any color fabric you want. The sound seems to need a little more bass to my ear, but I used and tested it this past season and it worked just as good as the one I bought. The important thing with calling in Elk is using the right sound for the situation.

First get the supplies. I got an Easton practice bat from Sports Authority and 1 foot of pool hose from Home Depot. I already had the electrical tape,  para cord and Kryptek Highlander fabric. A heavier weight fabric gives a little better sound for this.

Cut the bat to size (about 9″), don’t forget the narrow end needs to fit the hose.



Cut the hose to size (about 8″), insert it into the piece of bat about a half inch and tape it with electrical tape. Cut a piece of the bat handle for a mouthpiece and tape it in. I wrapped the piece of bat in fabric for a little better sound.



I then sewed a sleeve to go over the hole thing and used para cord for a sling



I taped both ends to protect the fabric and cover the plastic. Plastic makes an unnatural sound when banged on things and the tape helps with that.


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